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Digby & Litten

D & L Unisex Crew Jumper

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Introducing the Crew Sweater – a snug staple inspired by the bucolic beauty of Somerset’s countryside and the easygoing spirit of its folk, be they human or critter!

Crafted with the same care and craftsmanship as our beloved Agrispec shorts, this sweater is as broad and stylish as the rolling hills that grace our lands. With its comfy fit and classic crew neck, it’s perfect for any occasion – whether you’re mucking out the barn, popping down to the local for a pint, or simply enjoying a ramble through the fields.

But don’t let its relaxed vibe fool you – this sweater is as versatile as they come. Wear it while lounging in the warmth of a sunny beer garden or layer it up for those misty morning walks. From impromptu games of toss-the-wellie to lazy afternoons spent picnicking by the river, our Crew Sweater is your trusty companion for all your outdoor escapades.

So whether you’re immersing yourself in the simple joys of country life or embarking on a new adventure, do it in true Somerset style with the Crew Sweater. Because when comfort meets countryside charm, there’s no telling where the day might take you!



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