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RM Williams

Comfort Lady Yearling Boot

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The Comfort Lady Yearling is the R.M.Williams iconic boot for women, serving as a feminine counterpart to  the R.M.Williams classic line of elastic-sided boots. It has a sleek, narrow profile with a rubber sole, height-enhancing 4.5cm block heel and a rounded toe shape, finished with a comfort insole, elastic side panels and branded double tugs. The Comfort Lady Yearling is crafted in the Adelaide workshop, where the R.M.Williams team of highly-skilled artisans use over 80 handheld processes and techniques to bring each pair to life. Whether worn with an elegant dress or a T-shirt and jeans, this boot is sure to elevate your look.

Pull-up leather
Fully lined upper
Rubber Outsole, Comfort Insole
Tonal Tugs
Tonal Elastics
Natural Edge Finish
3/4 Flat Welt
Made In Pull Up Leather With Smooth Polish Finish
Made in Australia



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